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Dear Joan and Gary,

A few months ago I called to ask if you could take some portraits of my me and my dog Steamer. At the time I didn't know how much time he had left. The next day I find myself at your studio having photos done of Steamer and I. Your compassion of the urgency of my situation was amazing. I remember leaving the studio after many photos were taken and thinking "Oh that didn't go very well". On the drive home I said to myself she wouldn't have stopped taking photos if she didn't think she had gotten some good ones. A week later I went back to view all the photos not knowing what to expect. The emotions that came out in me the moment I saw them were deep raw emotions of the love that I had for Steamer. These emotions I cant deny caught me off guard never did I think it would stir the tears I thought "I'm viewing photos" it went much deeper than that. Joan the way you captured Steamer and I made me speechless. Your empathy at the time of viewing my photos is to be commended. You have an AMAZING talent and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I've had photos done in the past Olan Mills and places like that but never by someone with so much talent, I only wish I knew you when my kids were babies. Well back to the viewing. So I picked out my favorites with your excellent help and left. When I got to my car I called my husband and couldn't stop talking about how amazing the photos turned out. I couldn't wait until I could go back and pick them up you would of thought I was 5 again  waiting for Santa to come. When I picked up the photos again I was just in awe over the quality and joy they would bring me. The next few days I showed everyone I mean people I hardly even knew (I know people think I'm crazy for spending that kind of money on photos of my dog and I) but those people don’t love their dog like I do. I then repeated this whole process with "The boys" which I look back on and laugh (what a nightmare that was)but again was pleasantly surprised when I viewed those photos.. I again showed everyone. Then things died down for awhile and the books sat left unopened UNTIL I no longer had Steamer and than thats when it truly hit me how much these photos mean to me. Right now they are very hard to look at the pain I have is so intense but I find comfort knowing I have such amazing photos that I will have forever that sums up the 13 years with my 4 legged little boy. Thanks Joan and Gary for  providing that for me. Please keep in touch.